Apple and Google conclude settlements on back taxes in UK/Italy; Google expecting heavy tax bill in France

On 30 December 2015, Italian press reported that Apple has agreed with tax authorities to pay back € 318m in taxes in Italy after a two-year investigation. Apple Italy had been accused of transferring about to €880 m of profit generated in Italy between 2008 and 2013 to an Irish subsidiary to take advantage of Ireland ́s lower corporate tax rate. The deal has brought the investigation to an end.
On Friday, 22 January 2016, Google and the UK tax administration agreed a settlement according to which the multinational will pay £130m in back taxes for the past ten years and slightly higher taxes for the future, while allowing Google to continue routing £4.6bn of UK sales via an Irish company that pays no tax in the UK. The deal which follows a 2009 investigation into Google ́s tax affairs has faced strong public criticism suggesting that it has not been in line with the recent OECD principles and amounts to another favourable tax treatment of a multinational.
According to press reports of 24 February 2016 citing an anonymous French government source, Google is to face a claim of € 1.6bn in back taxes in France. Unlike their UK colleagues, French tax authorities refused to reach as tax settlement with the multinational.

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– Politico article (Google UK), 23/27 January 2016:
– The Guardian article (Google UK), 27 January 2016: EN
– Reuters article (Google France), 24 February 2016: EN


CFE, European Tax Report, European Professional Law Report,  December 2015 – February 2016

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